SOUND POETRY Cia Rinne  •  Tomomi Adachi
Sound poetry performance
JORDAN/SEYDOUX Drawings & Prints, Auguststraße 22, 10117 Berlin (View on Map)

About the artists
  • CIA RINNE, Autorin und Künstlerin, wurde in Göteborg/Schweden geboren, wuchs in Deutschland auf und lebt in Berlin. Sie schreibt visuelle, akustische und konzeptuelle Poesie in verschiedenen Sprachen (u.a. zaroum 2001 und notes for soloists 2009, beide auch auf ubuweb), die gleichsam als Partituren für ihre fokussierten und humoristischen Lesungen dienen. Ihre Arbeiten und Toninstallationen sind u.a. im ISCP New York, auf der Turku Biennale und zuletzt im Kumu Museum Tallinn und bei INCA Seattle ausgestellt worden.

    TOMOMI ADACHI is a performer/composer, sound poet, instrument builder and visual artist. Known for his versatile style, he has performed his own voice and electronics pieces, sound poetry, improvised music and contemporary music, also presented site-specific compositions, ensemble works for classical ensembles, choir pieces for untrained musicians in all over the world including Tate Modern, Maerzmusik, Centre Pompidou, Poesiefestival Berlin, Tempelhof Airfield and Walker Art Center. He has been working with a wide range of materials; self-made physical interfaces and instruments, brainwave, artificial satellite, twitter texts and even paranormal phenomenas. He was a guest of the Artists-in-Berlin Program of the DAAD for 2012.

  • CROSSWORDS 2 sets the words in motion. The written language becomes the visual language. The letters are jumbled and reassembled in anagrams or palindromes to playfully put the words in the surprisingly new contexts. It is no longer about the word in the art, but rather the art in the form of words: a kind of crossover, in which words and images form an inseparable compound to complement, double or contradict each other, to rise or answer questions.

    The selection is ranging from early works of the seventies up to young artistic positions. In like manner, the beholder is being set in motion: the exhibition CROSSWORDS 2 takes place parallel at two venues. Both locations form two poles of a creative dialogue, in which one word creates the other. Curated by Pierre Granoux und Jordan/Seydoux.

    With Art & Language, Georg Baselitz, Patxi Bergé, Roland Boden, Boris+Natascha, James Brooks, Andreas Burger, Francisco Da Mata, Claudia De La Torre, Piotr Dluzniewski, Ursula Döbereiner, Maurice Doherty, Reinhard Doubrawa, Joel Ducorroy, Ilse Ermen, Claude Faure, Adib Fricke, John Giorno, Pierre Granoux, Sam Grigorian, Alex Hanimann, Knut Hertel, Alekos Hofstetter, Annette Hollywood, Claude Horstmann, Thomas Huber, Sharka Hyland, Judith Karcheter, Mark Lammert, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Françoise Mairey, Antoanetta Marinov, Nanne Meyer, Roland Moreau, François Morellet, Peter Morrens, Bruno Nagel, Alexander Negrelli, Sophia Pompéry, Marc Rebollo, Sven Stuckenschmidt, Mark Themann, Bignia Wehrli, Lawrence Weiner.

Cia Rinne, Tomomi Adachi
Cia Rinne, Tomomi Adachi