SUMMER DISPLAY II Jaewoo Oh  •  Nicolas Manenti
22.9 – 26.9
JAEWOO OH, in collaboration with A Radical Place Berlin/Seoul
LAGE EGAL [former LAGE 3:20]
Danziger Str. 145, 10407 Berlin (View on Map)

  • Nicolas Manenti and Jaewoo Oh accidentally exchanged homes for a few months, the first being in Korea while the second took the road to Berlin. Meeting in Lage Berlin, they share their experience of being an alien in each other’s country. In LAGE Berlin, they chose to arrange images of Seoul and Berlin in a common presentation. In addition to the parallel destiny of German and Korean history, and the cultural differences or similarities, the images collected by each artist show a fresh point of view the other one can´t have on their own homeplaces, showing them a road they couldn´t take.

    Jaewoo Oh was invited in Berlin by the curator’s project A Radical Place, directed in Berlin by Seoyoung Kim, to be a resident artist at Lage Berlin, the project space directed by french artist and free curator Pierre Granoux. Jaewoo Oh is interested in how governments can control populations and the self-censorship which can result on the people’s side. From everyday life observations and historical researches Jaewoo Oh develops a poetic work of fiction.

    The french artist Nicolas Manenti was selected as a resident in Seoul Art Space Geumcheon Art Factory in South Korea, from May to August 2012. Focusing on archetyps of what we call a « westernized » society and questioning the values they tend to convey, such as competition or standardisation, Manenti creates a tragicomical body of work in which absurdity becomes a way of escape social pressure, and where reality is confused with its own image. Nicolas was also resident at Lage Berlin last winter.

Jaewoo Oh, \"The Road not taken\", 2012 (photo courtesy of the artist)
Jaewoo Oh, "The Road not taken", 2012 (photo courtesy of the artist)
Jaewoo Oh, 2012 (photo courtesy of the artist)
Jaewoo Oh, 2012 (photo courtesy of the artist)
Nicolas Manenti, 2012  (photo courtesy of LAGE EGAL)
Nicolas Manenti, 2012 (photo courtesy of LAGE EGAL)

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